Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Going for the Ride

Jumping on the Bandwagon

The other day I wrote about love-hate critiques and how I struggled through them.
Well, there’s something else that’s been brought to my attention. Or more precisely, something that I was already suspicious about but had confirmed by someone else on another blog.

Bandwagon Critiquing

"One thing I will say I've noticed a bit on the public critique boards is a bit of bandwagon jumping... or at least I've caught myself doing it.
I'll read a post, have an initial overall reaction, read others' responses and then think - 'oh YEAH, I did notice Thingymabob' ... when maybe I hadn't really, truly noticed it. So what do I write about? Thingymabob.
Of course this doesn't apply to betaing or 1-on-1 manuscript crits, just ones on the public forum."

I’ve noticed I get the most honest critiques with the most varied and useful pointers when it is done behind closed doors. A good place to have this done is on a forum called YouWriteOn

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish?

Rumor has it - and it’s probably true - that millions more are joining the e-publishing route.
Some are predicting it’s a “bubble” that will soon burst and they might be right because, let’s face it, writing isn’t easy and not everyone will want to stick around for the ride.

If one day someone picks up a pen or sits down at their computer and decides they’re going to write a book (not be a writer) then, often, they have no idea what they’re in for. In my opinion, that’s actually the best attitude to have because when they’re not worrying about all the technicalities, the writing process is fun. And after they’ve written that book they can smile, pat themselves on the back and then put the pen down or shut off the computer. But if they’re unlucky lucky enough to realise that they LOVED writing and that they have a strong desire to write more and get better at it, then they’ve also discovered they have a lot of work ahead of them. That “work” includes dealing with all the technical stuff, like being a general perfectionist.

Eurogamer Streams Sony Conference Live

PlayStation 4 to be revealed?


Eurogamer are streaming the Sony conference later tonight at 11:00pm.

You gonna watch it?
I’m really curious about a lot of things; how much will it cost? What’s the backwards compatibility saying? Will it be putting some kind of block on pre-owned games? 

I can tell you now, I won’t be buying it straight away; I never buy consoles brand new, it’s better to wait for the price to go down. Not that when I guy games or consoles matters in my house hold.
My partner is prone to getting what I call a “Gamer’s Boner”. He’ll disagree but the truth is, if they sell it well, he’ll buy it. In fact, when they announce the release date I’ll be starting the timer from when it hits the shelves. 
No doubt he’ll be sitting there sweating, gripping the sides of the sofa and then when night comes he’ll be tossing and turning in bed. Because everyone knows the best kind of advertising is word of mouth and his lil bro will buy it, and he will call my boyfriend to tell him all about how fantastic the new PS4 is and how there is a large possibility that the thing may just replace his wife and their soon to be born daughter. 

And I mean...if it’s that GOOD, then one has to buy it!
I’m not saying I’m immune but usually, the only thing that can tempt me to buy a new console is if the previous broke down or it has fantastic launch games. Often, the games I want to buy for a new console come out so late down the line of the launch date that the price for the console has dropped. 

But we’ll see. We’ll see...

So BRB,and  in the meantime, check out the new PS4 control pad! 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Fail Blog!

I know, my blog is turning into a fail blog.
With moving and everything else in between I'm not keeping up to my lil schedule.

This is where a scanty fan base comes in handy: very few people to disappoint!

Late posts resuming....


A Tub Full of Maggots

Don't do this at home folks!

I left school with five A-C’s in my GCSE’s:

A in English Language
B in English Literature
B in Media
A in Drama
D in Design Technology

Everything else was a firm U. For maths, I was so sure I was going to fail that I didn’t even turn up for the exam. Now that’s what I call a self-fulfilling prophesy. Ey? EY? 

It’s surprising I left with any grades considering I had a 15% attendance ratings. If you want that broken down for you, according to the school register, I only attended about twice a week. This wasn’t actually true. What happened was, I missed the morning register and so only attended the afternoon one. The problem with the afternoon register was that only one more lesson remained afterwards, so as far as the school was concerned, I had missed the whole day.

Fair enough.

Friday, 15 February 2013

The Death of Developers

Who dunnit?

I know it’s a late post.
I was eating donuts. 
Forgive me.

So, onto business...

A few weeks back I wrote an article on
Journey and Limbo and gave people like Jenova Chen a big thumbs up for his innovative outlook when it comes to creating games. I quoted him talking about the time he pitched to EA and was given the finger because they don’t know a good game when they see one his lack of enthusiasm for teaming up with large publishers like EA.
And then, after that, I did an article on the possibility of a
Resident Evil reboot  while having a stab at the developers for creating - in my opinion - a substandard RE5, when it was clear they were capable of creating something so much better.

Today I’m going to step back a second and take a look at this marriage between publishers and developers, because in the past few days it’s come to my attention that I need to wake up and smell the coffee.
I mean, who’s really at fault here? Who’s really responsible for driving a game into the ground? Is it the wife beating publishers? Or the submissive developers that allow themselves to be manhandled?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Query Letters Are Hard

It is what it is...

Ok, so I’m going to talk about 

“The Query” 

These are evil things; they do you good and justice if you get them right... if you get them wrong they do you quite the opposite and ten times worse. 
While searching for BETA readers, I smashed some words together and called it a query.
It enticed no one. I didn’t get a single offer to look at my WIP (work in progress) and I was told my query sucked balls and I had a moment of panic when I thought that perhaps my writing was as bad as my query. The jury is still out on that one.

Friday, 8 February 2013



"I adored the MC and the various relationships he had with his friends and Rika. There is a ton of mileage in him." 
"In fact, I don't like the MC with the thing about collecting woman's names on his wall."

"I really like the fact that you have gone straight into the story from the start and haven’t filled the air with lots of description."
"I'm concerned that you may have started your story too early."

"I do love, however, the fact that I’m being shown a story rather then being told something – this is a really good way to write in my books – no pun intended."
"Other than the character actions, everything was told to me. I couldn't envision what things looked like, what people looked like (resulting in talking heads), and a lot of the telling wasn't needed."

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


My netbook broke, it was gonna happen and so it did.
It's set me back a bit but I've typed up all my posts and they'll be up on Friday.

It's a backdate folks!

Oh and, a pat on the back for me for keeping up with my three posts a week. That's January over.
Well done Shay.

Big Smile
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