Saturday, 27 July 2013

Please Stand By...

My Unannounced Hiatus

Firstly, apologies for disappearing. As the title says it was totally unannounced, but let’s face it, not much people knew I was gone. Hah ha! Hah ha!! Hahhh!! …..*cry*

So, where did I go? Nowhere.
What happened? Quite a bit I suppose.

A fellow Pen JuNkiE of mine left for Trinidad. I thought I’d mention that because I was wondering if it had an impact on me. The fact that I’m wondering says it did.

On the flip side, what I found took up most of my time was a mix of dedication and anticipation. I figured that, while I was writing CAPTCHA, I might as well see what kind of feedback I could get on my old WIP. So I sent out some beta reader requests and for the first few days I got back the cawing of a crow and soft hush of tumble weed.

Then some replies came in. Far more than I expected, too.

I sent off my WIP to those willing to read it and then held my breath. Other than almost dying, what I got was some good feedback. I think what happened there was that I genuinely believed the response would be “This Sucks!”. I know, an unnecessary pedestal for my beta readers to be put on. Because of this belief, I would've been happy with, “This ain’t too shabby.”
Instead, what I got was clear nods that I was going in the right direction with my WIP, and more importantly, some assurance that I should stand by what I set out to do in the first place. And that’s priceless. 

The other thing I’ve been doing, of course, is trying to meet my end of August deadline for CAPTCHA. I'm halfway through my MS but what happened was… I had a Job Scare. 
That’s right. A Job Scare.
Those of you who have read my past posts will know I'm no stranger to jobs and that I hate them. I work because, like everyone else, I have to. What happened this time was I set myself up for a job working in a college. It was £8.00 an hour and part time. I couldn’t turn down the opportunity so I went for it, knowing full well that in doing so it would bite into what I love to do the most: Write.
To make up for what would be lost time, I wrote the shit out of CAPTCHA non-stop until my interview date. As it turned out, I flopped at the interview. How? I’m crap at spreadsheet. I completely failed at the test. All I had left to sail on was my smile and I'll have you know my two front teeth are chipped.
And there you have it! I didn’t get the job though that moment where I thought: “ writing is gonna suffer…” made me put my head down and really focus. Once that happened, it was difficult to break.

However, the important thing is…


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Shameless Promotion

Business Cards

Say hello to ma lil fren....
 These are my business cards and it's to the lady Hookz that I owe thee. Did I say that right?

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, one LATE night - night-owl to night-owl - I was having a conversation with Hookz and saw that she had printed out some business cards. When I asked "wassat all 'bout then?" she said something along the lines of (and I wish I had the exact words right now) that it's good to be prepared. Unlike me, Hookz actually gets out meaning she'll probably be handing her business cards to real people instead of making two tier towers because three tier towers were too flippin' hard.

But what she'd said that night gave me more focus. She wasn't the only one. Another mate of mine, Nathan, who I hadn't seen in yonks, dropped by to tell me what he'd been doing in his spare time. Surprisingly, both Nathan and Hookz had the same thing to say in the space of two days: you can't wait for things to happen - be driven and promote shamelessly. That doesn't meant to promote without tact, but don't be embarrassed. Don't shy away from opportunity. And BE READY for the unseeable and the unknowable.

It was inspiring stuff.

So even though I can't think of anyone to give my business card to right now, I've got 250, and when that Literary Agent Apocalypse comes, I'll be ready damn it.

I'll be ready...

Will you?
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