Friday, 30 May 2014

The Work Station

My two netbooks are untrustworthy. One suffers the Blue Screen of Death, the other has a CPU constantly running at 100%. (It basically doesn't work).
So third time's a charm, right? With a refurbished computer that has nothing but the basics, a rather pretty Logitech K360 keyboard, an actual desk, a screen over 10" and Microsoft Word 2010, I have returned.


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Major Blog Fuck Up

In life there are some things that you do, and you do them so bad that it turns into a colossal fuck up. Deleting your novel is one of these things. Deleting your novel will bring about emotions similar to what you feel when something has been stolen. Or your netbook with every photo on it has died and gone to motherboard heaven with your precious digital memories.

This feeling is so real it burns.

Luckily for me, I didn’t fuck up that bad and no one has stolen my stuff. But what has happened…oh boy, let me tell you.

Google? You are NOT cool. There are things that you do that make no sense to me. For example, when you ask if I would like to back up my photos, I expect that shit to go into a private folder. A real private folder. Whenever I’ve bought a new phone, this has always been suggested, especially when it comes to contacts. I did this once and my details went into a folder in my gmail account. THAT looked private to me.

But Google, when you say “Pssst…hey…hey! Let me do you a thing, let me back your stuff up. Let me back up all your photos on this thing called autobackup…” I expect AT LEAST for my stuff to go into some folder somewhere on some private account. Not on google plus. No. No, I don’t expect you to go through my whole phone and log every single photo I have ever taken and then paste it onto my wall somewhere. That is just weird.

Now I know you said “Yeah, but it’s private! It doesn’t look private to you because you can see it! But it is private, I swear!” I don’t believe you. I don’t believe you because on closer inspection, i.e surfing the web, that shit is not secure, my friend.

Forget my partner taking guerrilla photos of me sleeping with my mouth open, those are just embarrassing. But don’t take photos of my daughter and smack them all over the internet.

In my panic, I headed over to google plus and deleted every photo visible to me. But when you do that, it deletes every photo/video you ever placed on your blog. Why they have to be connected, I don’t know, but they are, and now my blog is void of both.

I like blogger. I like YouTube. I like google search.

But google auto photo back up? Go fuck yourself.

Now excuse me, I have a lot of work to do. A lot…

This is Me

Shay E. Dee

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