Thursday, 17 July 2014

What the...?

If you reached here from my Facebook page, I want to let you know that clicking on that link has achieved nothing but the attempt to rain satisfaction on your burning curiosity to see a woman raped. And that wouldn’t have helped anyone. Neither would your following comment on how disgraceful the video is. In fact, would Facebook even allow a video of a woman being raped?

And why not?

Since some time early this year, I’ve logged onto my Facebook and seen videos titled “kittens burned alive”, “woman gets beheaded” “man gets stoned to death” “boy shoots father” and one that had no title but was already playing, and it showed a kid with his head blown open.

I neither commented or liked the video (why?). Neither would have made a fucking difference. You know what does though? Actively trying to make a difference. No one gives a shit if you condemn that video, especially if you condemn it, share it, then scroll down to watch the next funny cat video. None of that helps. What you just viewed was Violence/Gore Porn and nothing more. You sharing that video probably does even less. If you DO decide to share the video, the least you can do is add a link to a renowned charity that works against such atrocities. You know why? Because has been around for years. It has lots of gory pictures of murders, suicides and accidents that you can scroll through at your hearts content. It was popular in my school years. The result of scrolling through those pictures will most likely be no different from watching that gory video on Facebook. It would be no different from you filming it on your phone and then sharing it with your mates.

Wiki that shit if you care. 
Google it if you care. 

Go find out why this is happening. Go find out about that war. Go find out about that law. Go educate your ass. Find a way to help those people in the best way you can, but for fuck’s sake, don’t just share the goddamned video.

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