Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Years Eve

And so...

Last night I finished CAPTCHA, as in I completed what most would consider a first draft. It's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. The ending mainly because that was where I wrote a lot and never looked back. I did it on my comp as well, not by hand so the temptation to go back and change stuff was high. But I didn't. And now I can say I have finished it.... *sigh*

If this is how it feels to finish a first draft, I need to just plan better because "eww, gross, get it away from me." There's a possibility that in January when I look back on CAPTCHA, I'll love it just that little bit more, though for now it's still my baby, my child...but my unwanted child.

Regardless, I'll be celebrating tonight with sugar and cinnamon donuts and hopefully some bucks fizz. In the meantime, let me reflect on the year and what I'd hoped to achieve.

My 2014 Goals

1. Go to a writer’s conference
I need to do this. I need to experience one. Have I been missing out on opportunities? Well, I’ll soon find out. - I went to LonCon and I feel that counts!

2. Start and finish another book
Yes. This is part of my dream to have three completed books by the end of the year. Perhaps not fully edited, but definitely there. - I have two finished books, so I partially met this. *side eyes*

3. Submit to agents/publishers
I’m not sure yet about how I’m going to approach this. Will I only go for open doors or will I query specific agents? What about both? By summer, I’ll know. - I did actually do this but not as head-on as I wanted. I still didn't think I was ready. However, the feedback I did get from what I sent out helped me plan the direction for my next stories.

4. Continue to support some awesome indie writers
That is all. - I tried, but couldn't keep up. :(

5. Work out who I am
I really need to sit down and think about who I am and what I’m writing. Who are my intended audience? What am I writing? Gritty YA? New Adult without the romance? Or Adult? And more importantly, what’s my author name going to be? - I'm writing adult and it's where I'm comfortable. The themes will always be adult, even if the characters are in their early/mid/late twenties. 

6. Learn how to write scripts
Because I need a new down-time hobbie…although Tekken seems to be perfect right now. - To this I say...

Stay tuned for my 2015 goals :D

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Almost There

I know I've been a ghost lately, but right now I'm too close to blog...

Monday, 1 December 2014

Failed Deadline

Ok initially I was going to do a post on cats but another issue came up first. I failed. I wanted to finish CAPTCHA by November but due to my ways, ended up backtracking at the last hurdle. I have this inane ability to “get things right before I continue” – whatever that means. Sometimes I really hate myself for it because other people just whip through drafts whereas I’m still stuck on one, if that’s what you can even call it.

I guess my problem is that I just can’t seem to do drafts. I struggle to continue when I’ve screwed something up. My mind keeps telling me “what’s the point?” and even if I do try to continue, I keep hearing that voice “…This is shit… This is shit.” And from then on, every word I write is just painful until I go back and fix that flaw. It’s annoying and I don’t even know if it’s worth it. I’ve never done a rough draft before so I couldn’t even tell you by comparison what works best.

On a lighter note, what is it with writers and cats? I’m not saying writers don’t have any other pets, but they seem to have an affinity with cats. It could be the stroking that helps with our imagination. Or, due to being stuck in our own world, the only pet writers could possibly have is one that’s so independent, i.e no walks.

I don’t know what it is but, as an avid lover of cats, I’m gonna say having a cat is just another way to procrastinate. I mean come on, these guys distract you often. They choose to sleep on whatever it is you are currently focused on. They tap away at your keyboard as you type. Rub against you when you are part way through a paragraph that needs your full attention.

So all you writers? I’m on to you. I’m totally onto you. Cats are a blatant give away for prime procrastinators. Which excludes me… even if I currently have three…

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