Sunday, 1 February 2015

Diary Entry #1

Word Count

Where have I been? Like you care… *peeps through fingers to see if you care*
Basically, I screwed up. There I was at the final hurdle – in my head it was the final hurdle; the last edit before the last edit – and then I did a word count. The thing is, I was having trouble with my ending so I created a different file alongside my story and called that file “Ending”, as you do. While doing that, I obviously got lost in the world of my Ending and as I was away from my other word docs, I suppose my brain just said “anyway, yeah, fuck all that shit you were doing before, let’s just write another story.”

The result?

I did a word count and learnt Id created a 130k monster. So I killed it. I stabbed it, cut it, strangled it then castrated it for fear it may reproduce then I kicked it’s bloody remains under my bed while the carpet cleaning service did their work. Am I embarrassed? Ashamed? Eating more donuts than usual? Perhaps, my friends, perhaps.

After staring at the crime I’d committed, I got to stapling what was left of my Frankenstein story. I deleted eight chapters without a thought. You can go. And you. You. You. And you can piss off as well. I was angry at the words I’d written and questioned why I’d written them and how I could have been so foolish to have fallen in love with them as they whispered those two final words in my ear: The End.

Lying bastard.

So that’s where I’ve been, cutting and pasting and doing the last edit before the last edit before the last edit… 

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