Monday, 13 April 2015

Big Edits

I was really encouraged to write a post to tell Terri that she can never be me. You can’t leave your blog empty for more than a month, it doesn’t suit you.

On to other stuff. Did I tell you that I finished CAPTCHA? Yes. Yes I did. I’m going through it constantly looking for things to fix because that’s what neurotic writers do. This whole thing has taken way longer than I expected but I do believe it’s made me a faster writer and better planner. I can’t wait to work on something else, I have a few awesome ideas in my Ideas Folder that I’m going to start fleshing out. I’m tempted to start an urban fantasy set in London. I’ve never written anything based in a real life place before, let alone my actual home so that’ll be interesting.

I might even write from a female POV. IMAGINE THAT?!

As I’ve finished CAPTCHA, I’d like to point you towards Janice Hardy’s Fiction University. She had an awesome stay-at-home edit class that ran throughout the whole of March. It’s done but don’t worry, even if you’re not yet ready to do full edits, the posts will remain on the site for when you need them. Enjoy!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Advice on Blogging

Don't Do It

Over at Terribleminds, Chuck Wendig is talking about blogging. Here's an excerpt:

"The blogs of writers are often sad, sad things. They go largely unused, acting as empty, gutted monuments to the writer’s own lack of blogging productivity. You visit a writer’s blog and the last post is from June, 2012. Wind blows sand over a corpse. The comment sections are, two, maybe three people deep (and the author is one of those commenters). One of the most recent posts is a promise to post more posts, to blog more blogs, to blargh more blarghs, and that post was three years ago. Two rats chew on a third rat. The ground is salted and dead."

It sure as hell made me think about what the fudge I'm doing and if I should keep doing it. There are a lot of things I want to blog about, but not more than I want to actually write about using a novel format. I also don't promote this blog or even if I should. Also, a lot of writers have blogs now. Whatever purpose they may have served has been diluted by the amount of blogs by writers about writing that are already out there....

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