Monday, 28 September 2015

Pitching to Agents

The fact that I’ve even got to this point is a relief. The last novel I wrote has been completely shelved. It had to be, it was a dystopian. CAPTCHA, I hope, won’t have the issue of trying to come out in saturated genre.

Weirdly, I find the task of looking for agents enjoyable. It’s a little bit like online dating or something, you do a lot of profile reading, interview reading and credentials searching to see if you’d be a good fit. Then you spend HOURS working on your approach.

At this point, I have two different queries and two different synopsisisissss(?). One is one page, the other is two pages, as for the queries, I suppose I’ll know which one is more appealing based on responses…if I get any. That’s the thing about querying; sometimes you just end up with white noise or waiting for a very, very, very long time. For example, one of the agents I sent my query to just tweeted that they were only now getting through their July e-mails. Luckily, I’m quite patient when it comes to this, probably because I’m studying until December, so my mind is more than occupied. I’d hate to be that writer sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

But really, no writer should be twiddling anything, they should be writing, which is what I’m off to go and do. As for the pitching, I’ll keep you updated! 
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