My First Big Mistake - Cliffhangers

Sat Nav: "Reverse at..." Writer's Block

Creative Writing Courses

One Project Too Long




Bandwagon Critiquing

Transgender Writing

It Began with a Book

Every Now and Then - My Old Writing

My Writing Process


Don't be a Dunce - MSword will lead you astray...

Self-Doubt - A Writer's Schizophrenia

My Planning Sobbery - The Synopsis

Mainstream Books - Black and Gay characters

The South Bank Review - Poetry, Fiction and Non-Fiction from uni students

Speed Writing

The Internet - A Dangerous Playground

Formatting Your Manuscript

Character Cannibalism

Getting Feedback

Working to Deadlines

Breaking the Rules of Writing

PitMad - Are You Ready?

Getting Attached - Killing Characters

Don't Get Boxed In - Write What You'd Want To Read

Crazy? - You're not alone...

Originality - How unique is your idea?

Angry Robot Open Door 2013


First Person POV Tips

Character Development - Ugly Truths

Trunk your novel or recycle it?

Books on How To Write - Helpful or Harmful?

Social Media - How much do we need to be seen?

Character Development 2 - Find their future in their past

2013 - End of Year Accomplishments

2014 Goals

Writing to Writers

Who's the better BETA reader?

A Letter to a Younger Me

My 100th Blog post (+ new additions)

Book Stores vs The Internet

Ever lost your work? Try this...

Changing to my Pen Name

Exposition - How Much is Too Much?

Creativity and Plagiarism

Word Variants

A Pre-Apocalyptic Dystopian Part 1 Part 2&3 Part 4&5

Easily Complicated - Messing up the Plot

Plot Holes

Blog Tour - My Writing Process

Didn't you know? Evil women are Sexy!

"I'm Writing a Word Movie" - is what I sometimes hear people say instead of Book

#Diversity - Is it trending?

Blog Tour - Meet My Main Character

Trade Tricks

What I learnt at LonCon

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