About Me

My name is Shay.
This is me.

Have you come here for writing tips? 
Advice on how to polish your prose? 
Ways to improve your grammar? 
Better your dialogue?

Well then, let me tell you, you’ve come to the wrong place!

I’m an amateur writer (like yourself maybe) and I know as much about writing as the next unpublished author. But of course, what I can do is take you along on my journey, let you into my world, expose my writing process and hey, you never know, you might find something useful. As they say, if you’re quick you’ll learn from your mistakes, if you’re smart you’ll learn from someone else's!

About me

I write stuff. The End. 

I grew up in London, Hackney, and still live in London. I discovered gaming at eleven years old. If it wasn't for Final Fantasy 7 & 8 as well as a bunch of horror titles, I reckon I would have passed my GCSE's.
Most of my writing ideas were influenced by the games and anime I watched, though as I grew up I realised there's only so much plagiarised material one can produce... These days my ideas come from my dreams which are basically sub-conscious hallucinated rip offs of reality anyway.

I have a serious, almost life damaging aversion to retail work and now that I have discovered Tekken and some new animes as well as a growing interest in comics, this illness may be financially terminal.

I've put pen to paper for as long as I can remember, but in the early years these stories were all just messed up crap.

Now that I'm older, I write a lot of sophisticated messed up crap, usually in the genre's of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Dystopians or a mix of them all. I don't like to box myself in terms of genre or categories but am more likely to write Upper YA, New Adult or Adult.

In regards to writing, my questionable dreams are to be published traditionally, add some diversity to the field and see my name on a spine along with some 5 star reviews from people I have never met in my entire life. (Not so say I'm against becoming a millionaire or someone turning my books into a movie.) Once I've accomplished these things, I may move onto searching for the world's largest donut. Speaking of food, I haven't eaten meat since January 2014 and am a practicing vegan.

Now, if  none of that has put you off, I sure hope to see you around my blog!

Shay E. Dee


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