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Robert Evert - In terms of blogging, I owe a lot to this guy. If it wasn't for him I never would have started and found I enjoyed it so. He's recently published his book called Riddle in Stone and if you want to read up about how he went from a Neurotic Writer to a Published Neurotic Writer, do drop by!

Terri Writes - Terri-Ceres posts every Saturday about writing, uni and her love/hate relationship with Shakespeare! Basically she's inking her journey for all to see. Check her out.

Terrible Minds - This blog belongs to Chuck Wendig. He's a writer and he's nuts. Read some of his posts and I dare you not to crack up...

Writability - Ava Jae blogs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She sometimes says what I wannna say in half the words. Her posts are short but informative. Her Upper YA sci-fi novel Beyond the Red is out now!

Fiction University - Changed its name from The Other Side of the Story to Fiction University. It’s still mostly written by Janice Hardy but some new blog post days have been added, like "Thursday’s Indie Author Column!"

Query Shark - Wanna learn how to write a query? Yeah, have a peek at Janet's page but don't get in the waters with her unless you know you can handle it. Just sayin'.

YouWriteOn - A good way to see what people think about your work without bandwagon critiques. Enjoy!

The Faux Fountain Pen - I follow this blog if only because of the quirkiness Sarah injects into her posts. Some of them she doesn’t even write…she leaves them to the lead protagonists of her stories. Weird but true. 

The Tex Files - Soon to be published Arianne Tex Thompson writes shares almost all her trials and tribulations. She holds little back and even goes in on some of the grim details, which helped screw my head on real tight this year. As a sci-fi fantasy/weird western author, she’s braving a male dominated world, so show some support, ey? One Night in Sixes, is out now!

Amber Skye Forbes - Priceless and honest. I have no idea where Amber finds the time to post but when she posts, she POSTS! Her blog kind of has a bit of everything. Her opinion. Others. Sometimes she’ll play devil’s advocate just to look at both sides of the publishing industry. Interesting and informative. 
Her book, When Stars Die is out now! 

Absolute Write - A writing forum that’s not for everyone – you have been warned. It’s resources, however, you probably won’t find anywhere else. You have people from all walks of life on this site. People who have made it, people who are still trying and even people who have given up. Youll also find agents, editors and cover artists as well, probably, not forgetting crits and beta readers. The place is just chock full o help with anything writing related. So dont be shy.

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  1. You're very kind:) I think I owe you a lot more than you owe me. I really appreciate you cheering me on! Thank you.


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